In over 1,000-years, the Tower of London had been used as a Royal Palace. it has also served as a jail, a coin mint and a prison. But perhaps its most unusual use was that of a zoo. Globe Trips cheap tickets will help you learn the history of this ultimate London attraction. Tickets start as low at $15 per adult and $8.50 for kids aged five to fifteen. You can see Tower of London Tour for more information.

Different monarchs have continuously worked on and added to the Tower of London since its modest beginnings back in 1078. The Tower of London grew from a simple structure to over 20 towers. The Tower of London is a place with a violent and bloody past. Its Garden Tower has a violent past. During the reign of Charles II, prominent historical figures including Lady Jane Grey and Thomas More died in this Tower. There are rumours that they were haunted by ghosts.

Henry VIII’s private armoury, as well as the largest armour collection in Europe is located at The White Tower. Tower of London also has ravens with their associated legends. Crown Jewels also make for a stunning and impressive view – the Maundy Table and The Crown Jewels themselves are highlights.

Sir Walter Raleigh wrote History of the World while incarcerated in the Tower. Buying your ticket will allow you to experience the life of a prisoner in The Tower.

Beefeaters guarding the Tower of London will have stories that will delight and disturb in equal measure. It is their stories that have made them legends. Their stories are passed down from generation to generation and they will enhance your trip.