If you’re installing a fence, whether it be wood or iron on your home, selecting the right contractor to install the fence is nearly as critical as picking the fence. If you are tempted to go with the first business you locate in the phone book, or by searching the Internet for it, you may get better results using a more systematic approach. Following are six important tips that will help you choose the right fencing company for your project. Read more now on wood fence contractors Orange County.

1. It is likely that you will come across general contractors who claim to be able install your fencing. It may be technically correct, but you are likely to get better results by working with someone who is specialized in installing fences. This fencing contractor is better able inform you about all the available options. Also, they can help you with problems if any arise. The fencing contractor will also be more knowledgeable about any applicable local codes and regulations regarding fence installation.

2. Be cautious of any company that offers you a quote over the phone. Do not trust any company who offers to provide you with a quote via the phone. You should schedule several in-person consultations and obtain written estimates from different fence contractors so you may compare.

3. References should be checked after you’ve identified a few fence contractors you are interested in working with. It may be possible to contact satisfied clients, but it’s also worth checking neutral organisations like the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Make sure that they have a proper physical address (and not just a house or garage). Last but not least, you should find out for how long the business has existed.

4. As for insurance, ask about it. Any fence contractor, no matter their level of experience, can be called that. Make sure you only hire contractors who are fully insured and licensed. If you think that a fence company with less reputation is a bargain, it could be a mistake. A poor job or a non-licensed, unreliable contractor may cause you to pay more for the project.

5. It is important to find out who the contractor will be. It’s likely that you will have a happier experience if the company has trained its employees. This will make communication easier, and the workers are more likely to be skilled.

6. A contract is essential before starting to work with a fence company. This contract will include the description of work to be done, payment details and the date the project is expected to be completed. Avoid fencing contractors asking for payment in full up-front. Instead, ask them to accept 30 to 50% of it and the rest after installation.