The microwave combo oven is a must-have in any professional kitchen. A combination of conventional roasting and microwave cooking will allow the chef to cook food much quicker than traditional ovens. It is no secret that we have all used the microwave in our homes to heat up food or cook certain foods. But here, we are comparing it to cheese. It is clear that professional kitchens use much more expensive equipment than your average microwave-combination oven.

This oven is designed for professionals and will last many years. It can also cook the food four times as fast (or more) than regular conventional ovens.

It is all about power, strength and capability with high end microwaves. They are typically around 3000W. We can also brown, roast and bake using the convection feature.

Features to look for

Stainless Steel Body

Large Capacity

Power Rating

Viewing Window

Easy Cleaning

Usable Programming Language and Controls

This combination of microwave and convection power can be used in a sequence to enhance the cooking experience. It is possible to produce large quantities of perfect cooked food very quickly. The majority of major combination manufacturers offer a wide range of programming options, making it easy for the chef.