How to find the right lawyer in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, located in the Andaman Sea. The rubber industry, as it is the largest rubber producer in the World, and tourism are the mainstays of its economy. Phuket is one of Thailand’s most expensive retirement destinations, but thousands of expatriates prefer to live there. Read more now on property in Phuket

The island has seen a huge amount of progress, and Thais as well as foreigners are increasingly in need of Thailand lawyers. People hire lawyers to handle Phuket real estate deals, to save time and energy, as well to avoid any complications with Thai property law. For investors who are interested in establishing a business on Phuket, they also hire an attorney to handle the Thai company registration and visas and work permits.

The increasing demand for legal services on the island has led many Thai law firms, both small and large, to expand their practice in Phuket. Although there are a few local licensed attorneys in Phuket, not all of them can be considered competent and knowledgeable about the legal aspects of the laws from the foreigners’ home country that relate to their activities on Phuket. Examples of this are the Thailand Prenuptial Agreement and its relation to the laws of the foreigners’ country of origin or the drafting of Thai Wills to cover assets both in Thailand and in the foreigners home jurisdiction. It is essential to hire a Thailand lawyer who has experience in handling legal matters with foreigners.

To protect your interests, you must take extra care to ensure that the Phuket law firm you hire is worth its fees. Follow these tips to avoid being a victim of an incompetent attorney.

1. Never hire the first attorney who offers to help you. Check all your options. Select the lawyer you feel most comfortable talking to.

2. Advertisements can be misleading. Some advertisements are too good to true. Choose one with realistic claims.

3. Check the Internet. Most popular and well-established firms can create websites which cover the legal services that they provide in Phuket. Some offer free support via email or chat. Their responses will reflect their experience in the field, and reveal whether they are competent to handle your case.

4. Check out their Phuket law firm. You can see how professionally the Law Firm works by visiting the office. You can also ask questions to the Phuket lawyer about his legal field, the services he provides and the rate he charges.

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