Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Bingedrinking and Alcohol Intoxication

About 50 college students per year die as a result of binge-drinking, a practice in which 44% of all college populations have engaged between 1994 and 2004. Each year, more than 1400 university students suffer alcohol related injuries. National Institute on Drug Abuse Renew Wellness Recovery describes binge-drinking as either five or four alcohol drinks in one sitting for men or for women.

Alcohol poisoning is caused by consuming a large amount of alcohol within a short span of time. Alcohol acts as a central nerve system
The depressant can certainly be lethal. As it affects different parts, the effects are varied.
It is the brain.

When alcohol is consumed in small amounts, inhibitions can be reduced and the ability to speak, move, or see clearly are affected. As alcohol consumption increases, the impairment of vision, speech and movement is also increased.
As alcohol is consumed, it affects balance, coordination and reflexes. It also causes the brain to become distorted.
It is difficult to maintain a healthy heart and regulate breathing. Last but not least, breathing and heart rate may cease.
coma or death.

For a better understanding of alcohol poisoning it is important to know that your body can oxidize approximately 1 oz. (one glass) alcohol every hour.
After stopping drinking it can take up to 45 minutes, depending on what you have eaten, the speed of your drink, and whether or not you drank quickly.
They need to drink for them reach their maximum level intoxication. If you have been drinking and passed out, then the person should be taken to hospital.
Keep a close eye on the child.

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