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                                                                                  Introduction to the School of Foreign Studies

                                                                                  發佈者: [發表時間]:2018-05-15 [來源]: [瀏覽次數]:

                                                                                  Dating back to 1958 when the Foreign Languages Department of Guangzhou Normal College was founded, the School of Foreign Studies of Guangzhou University had its present form by merging the two in 2000 with two other departments, the Foreign Languages Department of Guangzhou Education College and the College English Department of South China Construction College (West Campus).In July 2001 the School was officially founded with the approval of the newly-merged Guangzhou University to cater to its development need. Therefore the School began to offer the program of Foreign Languages and Literature in the 1950s, and it started to enroll undergraduate students in 1977 and graduate students in 1999.   

                                                                                  As one of the biggest schools in Guangzhou University, the School of Foreign Studies boasts a history of over 60 years. Among the 142 members of the faculty, 128 are full-time teachers (including 13 professors and 36 associate professors while most of the younger generation of the teachers hold a doctorate degree). The School is composed of five teaching departments, namely the English Department,the Eastern Languages Department, the Western Languages Department, the College English Department , and the Graduate Students Department. In addition, it has three administrative offices which are the General Affairs Office, the Teaching and Research Office and the Students Affairs Office, plus several research centers including the Research Center of Modern Poetics, the Research Institute of Cognitive Linguistics, and the Research Center of Foreign Language Education. The undergraduate students major in English, Japanese and French,and in particular, the English majors can choose to take up one of the three orientations which are English teaching, international business, and translation. In terms of graduate program, it offers the Authorized Discipline of Master ' s Degree in English Language and Literature, along with the Master Degree program of Course and Pedagogy (English Education), as well as the Professional Authorized Discipline of Master of Education (English Teaching). In total, there are over 1,400 full-time undergraduate students and 200 graduate students in the School.

                                                                                  The School centers on the mission of building a high-level university by dedicating to team building and academic development. The recent years has witnessed a significant progress of the academic achievement of the faculty that have gained two state-funded research projects and around 30 projects funded at the ministerial and provincial level, and published over 40 books, translation, textbooks and 200 articles.

                                                                                  With a promising new beginning, the School will follow the university’s development blueprint and make good use of the geographical advantages of Guangzhou which is a national key city and an international business center.It will also seize the opportunities brought by the national strategies such as the“Belt and Road”Initiative and the Greater Bay Area to accelerate its own development. In this regard, it makes every endeavor to become a top-ranking school of foreign studies in the country and a key foreign language education provider in South China.